PopBox: The Newest Campest Poppiest Act Around


We were recently approached to do some promotional shots in our studio for a new band called PopBox, which have been launched by established function band Metropolis. Established in 1999, the team behind Metropolis have recorded and toured with some of the most famous artists in the world, so they have an amazing musical foundation upon which to launch new acts.

Our brief for this job was slightly ‘interpretable’ to say the least, it was more a litany of random words than a cohesive brief. These included ‘butterflies’, ‘rainbows’, ‘Prince’, ‘pop’, ‘David Guetta’, ‘glam’, ‘camp’, ‘Abba’, ‘over-the-top’, ‘colour’ and ‘Blondie’. PopBox are looking to glam it up, and make a massive visual spectacle at every show. Luckily, we took it all on board, as well as the ideas of the PopBox team in the studio, and came out with some really strong images.

Despite what you may all think, we don’t generally have giant butterflies and hyper-bold rainbows floating around our little studio, so a massive well done goes to Steph and the post-production team for running with this and having a lot of fun with the edits.

Here are a few of our favourites…