THE WEDDING SMASHERS: Blake Ezra, one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers


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Blake EzraContinuing with ‘The Wedding Smashers‘ series where I interview some of the best in the business, today I’m thrilled to be talking to Blake Ezra, one of my favourite wedding photographers.

I’ve admired Blake and his work for some time now. I’m not only incredibly enthralled by his energetic photography and attitude to business (and a tough business at that!) but the fact that he has an eye for love and emotion like no other.

I’ve been lucky enough to feature his work on the pages of my blog earlier on in the year, and today I’m going one step further, peeling back the layers, peering behind that lens and talking to the man himself.
BLAKE_EZRA_WEDDING_PORTFOLIO_10Jewish wedding photography
For those of my readers who might not have heard of you, can you introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, and your journey to where you are today?

My name…

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