New Video Content: Working With CrowdSurf


We’re lucky to have pretty awesome clients, and pretty awesome friends… not to mention the pretty awesome clients who become friends.

One such pretty awesome friend is award-winning journalist Dan Freedman, who has just set up an editorially-minded video-content company called CrowdSurf, designed for anybody needing a short video to share online. We think this is ideal for small businesses, from graphic designers to independent coffee shops, as often the buzz that video generates can really drive people to a website or to look more closely into working with or visiting with a certain company. We’re sure that many editorial outlets will also go to CrowdSurf for video reports, such is Dan’s wide skill-set and expertise.

Last week, Dan and his team came into our HQ for a couple of hours, discussed ideas, filmed a few small details in the most inconspicuous of ways, and set off to edit our little super-cool teaser. In the meantime, he’s kept us up-to-date with the edit and we’re delighted to now have the final version. Here it is…