One Shot: ‘Sacred Voices’ by Amanda


Welcome to our latest blog series, ‘One Shot’, where our photographers will identify a particular image they’ve shot in the last few months and share a few thoughts about it. We’ll then also reveal the ‘Tech Spec’ and camera settings, giving little insight into how the shot was created. We start off with Amanda, and her shot taken during the Sacred Voices Festival at JW3

“JW3, a vibrant community centre on the Finchley Road and somewhere we spend a lot of time, held the ‘Sacred Voices Festival’ in which artists from all over the world came to perform and share their gift with the crowds. It was enlightening to see people of all ethnicities gathering together to watch their performance, especially considering this is a Jewish community centre. I like how this shot is composed to show the true diversity of attendees, with regards to their gender, their age, and their ethnicity. By making the image black and white, I feel that it strips back any distraction and intensifies the underlining message.”

Tech Spec

  • Nikon D3S
  • Focal Length: 195mm
  • ISO: 2500
  • Aperture: 2.8
  • Exposure: 1/60

06.03.2016 Images from the Sacred Voices Festival (C) Blake Ezra Photography Ltd. 2016