Kind Words: From Rabbi Joseph Dweck


“Exceptional and extraordinary are words that accurately define Blake Ezra’s photography, but they are not its best or key elements. What makes Blake’s photography so unique and special is the keen eye he has for the life and light that is expressed in what he is photographing. He does not simply capture moments, he somehow miraculously captures the eternal elements that we cherish. In his photos, the intangible, immeasurable, unrecordable aspects of life like feelings, ambience, love, joy, poignancy, and energy all come through in full force and clarity.

In order to capture these aspects, one must have an eye to see them. Blake is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He is not only a master of his craft, he respects and engages in it with the utmost honour and integrity. What is beautiful, is that he not only does this himself, but he has also cultivated a team that has learned to do the same. Blake Ezra’s photography is simply head and shoulders above the rest.”

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community


12.02.2015 (C) Blake Ezra Photography 2015. Images from Isaac Dweck's Bar Mitzvah at Lauderdale Road Synagogue, Maida Vale, London. Not for third party or commercial use.