Smashing The Comfort Zones: When Blake Went Live


Those of you who’ve met Blake will know that he is at his most comfortable behind the lens of a camera, being creative and allowing events to unfold around him. So when approached to be the wedding photography expert on Smashing The Glass‘ new monthly Facebook LIVE episode, he actually drafted an e-mail politely declining the opportunity. Then in an impulsive moment (but with the thought that perhaps he had some knowledge to share with the world) he ‘selected all’, tapped delete, and wrote “I’m in!” before hitting send in an irreversible commitment to ‘go public’.

After all this is the year of new projects; of pushing forward and smashing the walls of our comfort zones, of publishing magazines and running marathons… here was another opportunity to do that.

The episode went live, with questions being submitted from all over the world – from Brides and Grooms, wedding planners and actually numerous photographers too. It was a brilliant evening in which Blake shared some personal stories and a few pieces of invaluable advice too.

In the words of Karen Cinnamon, Founder and Editor of STG and vivacious hostess of the live episodes… “This month it was a ‘Wedding Photography’ special and you all LOVED it!  We answered so many great questions including why photographers vary so much in price, how to go about choosing a wedding photographer, the most stand-out moment of Blake’s photography career (and no it wasn’t Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding that he also photographed), and of course his EPIC beard.”

Viewing figures on the night quickly shot up to over 4,500 and due to the positive feedback we now look forward to the next instalment, planned for later in the year. In the meantime, if you missed Blake going live you can watch it HERE.

Some behind the scenes images in Karen’s super-cool London warehouse apartment…