Hear the Tribe: TOTEM Showcase


We were delighted to be asked to photograph the most recent showcase for the incredible band, TOTEM – hosted at TWENTY at N20. We are lucky enough to work regularly with this talented bunch at many luxury events across the country – they even provided the ceremonial music for our recent team development day where we mocked up an entire Jewish wedding!

Established in 2011 by James Alexander and Brett Warren, they believed that the group should be a family rather than an ensemble of individuals who get together outside of performance time to develop new ideas and concepts. TOTEM is a true hybrid between DJ and Showband. Phenomenal live musicians accompanied by world class vocalists all guided by a DJ/Conductor who pulls the strings to deliver an amazing entertainment experience, even remixing songs live on the fly.

The talent assembled boast some impressive credentials providing musical and vocal accompaniment to some of the music industry’s top names, with the majority of artists representing TOTEM exclusively. Over the years they have seen many of their performers launching on to the various talent shows, most notably BBC’s The Voice has claimed TOTEM performers on no less than five separate seasons.

It was a memorable night, and here are some of our favourite images…