Laughter and Love: Annike and Ashley’s Barnstorming Wedding


Annike and Ashley were married in The Great Barn at Headstone Manor Museum, in a gorgeous ceremony officiated by Rabbi Oliver Joseph.

Blake met Annike when she was 12 years old, as his friend Joe’s confident, outgoing and hilarious little sister. For many years Annike knew she wanted Blake to photograph her wedding… it was just a case of finding the right person to marry first! Enter Ashley, who shares so many of Annike’s qualities and a nicer person you could not wish to meet, he is a real ‘mensch’ and they make such a beautiful couple.

Starting the day with preparations at Hendon Hall Hotel, Blake, along with Amanda and Devon, was so honoured to photograph Annike and Ashley’s gorgeous wedding. It had so many heart-warming moments, smiles, glances, handmade personal touches and crazy dance moves. There was simply such a sense of love and warmth in the air, as though everybody had come to celebrate their own family occasion. On stage, the excellent Salut Band ensured that the dance floor was packed.

Here are a few of our favourite images from a wonderful day, Mazal Tov Annike and Ashley!