Very Important Brides: Join The Club


We have seen it many times, when a beautiful period of Engagement quickly becomes a stressful period of planning. If only there were a space for like minded individuals to share anecdotes and advice, with guest appearances from top experts from around the world.

In our seminal ‘BE Inspired Magazine’, Blake described Karen Cinnamon, the founder and Editor of Smashing The Glass, as the “woman who turned the world of Jewish wedding planning on it’s head” and guess what? She’s at it again with the launch of a revolutionary concept, the VIB Club. As the most featured photographers on STG, we know just how useful this resource already is for those in the midsts of wedding planning, but the VIB Club takes it even further.

The concept was launched at the Smashing Summit recently, where again Blake went LIVE to share his tips on personalising the Jewish wedding ceremony. If there’s one thing we share with Smashing The Glass, it’s the passion for couples to make a wedding their own, push the boundaries, make it as personal as possible. Also at  the Smashing Summit, and who may be providing guidance to members behind the closed doors of this exclusive club were Bruce Russell, Mindy Weisz, Food Story and many others.

This is the ‘Ivy Club’ of the online wedding planning world, where Brides get access to a range of professionals and regular sessions such as ‘Ask The Rabbi’. They also receive the limited edition super-cool ‘Smashed It’ pouch for their freshly-smashed glass.

It’s innovative, it’s exclusive, it’s exciting, and we are delighted to be a part of it.  In a world where everyone is ready to give a recommendation, leading to information overload, this gets Brides-to-be through the door and gives access to personal advice from those in the know.

The closing date for summer membership is approaching fast so we’d recommend heading straight over to STG to book your place. Let’s be honest, membership to the VIB Club would also make an amazing Engagement Gift for a close friend or family member. If this sounds as good to you as it does to us, you can sign up HERE.

Blake looks forward to seeing you there!