Sweat in St. James’: Daisy’s Bat Mitzvah Party


What. A. Party.

Having photographed Daisy’s sister Molly’s amazing Bat Mitzvah just a couple of years ago, we should have known to expect an epic celebration, but somehow we still ended up totally shellshocked. These guys know how to party! On a hot and sweaty night in central London, guests descended upon stylish Avenue St. James’ to dance the night away for a very special young lady. Shots were downed, hugs were given, shapes were thrown, sweat was dripped, and Kanye lyrics were shouted – the energy was immense. The evening, perfectly planned by our good friends at Uptown Events, saw Daisy carried into the room by four hunks – and it set the tone for a surprising and fun-filled party, where even the musicians were stripping off whilst dancing on the bar!

We absolutely adore spending time with the fun-loving Temple family and their crew of crazy friends, all the way from Molly’s Bat Mitzvah to Daisy’s ‘Pre Shoot’ on Hampstead Heath (a few shots of which are included in this blog), to the gorgeous luncheon at Villa Bianca and now the main event.

Here are some of our favourite images, firstly from the ‘Pre Shoot’ and then from the incredible party itself…

Now to the party at Avenue St. James…