Toby, He’s One of Our Own: The 12 Hour Preview


We have to be honest, we’re still a little shellshocked from Toby’s Bar Mitzvah party last night at The Grove. There was never any doubt this would be an amazing celebration, but it went OFF and surpassed all expectations. From half the room having Toby’s logo sprayed onto their heads to the astonishing amount of alcohol being consumed at the two bars which lined the dance-floor, from the grand scenes of hundreds of hands in the air to the intimate embraces of family members coming together… this was MEGA.

Toby is from an amazing family, with wonderful and kind parents who are so loved by their friends and extended family. The party only finished 12 hours ago, but we’re not known for hanging around, so out of the 12,000 images our team shot last night… here is a small preview for the family to enjoy starting with a few images from Synagogue last week.

On a professional level, a great team made it all happen behind the scenes, spearheaded by the beautiful force of nature who is the mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy, Francesca. The creatives from Whitepaper were planning and styling, Simon Cowen Productions were producing, Ben Tenenblat was feeding guests some incredibly innovative dishes, Ah Men were singing and leading some epic sing-alongs, DJ Josh White was providing the tunes mixed in a way only he can, Leor Productions were behind the video cameras, Pop Fusion were spray painting and glitter-tattooing, RSVP Lucy was designing slick logos and stationery, Table Dressers were adding their UV touches to the room.

Without further a do, here goes…

On to the party…