Glee at The Grove: Jordanna’s Cafe Elan Inspired Bat Mitzvah


It’s difficult to know where to even start when it comes to Jordanna’s ‘Cafe Elan’ inspired Bat Mitzvah Party at The Grove.

Do we mention the beautiful theming of the evening complete with Merry-Go-Round horses, blossom filled trees and a ‘Love Heart’ wall, which was so creatively put together by our friends at Whitepaper Event? Or do we talk about the innovative ‘Flower Station’ by Gabriella Shemtov Floral and her team, something we’d never seen before but was enjoyed by so many guests. Or shall we wax lyrical about the band as, Creation DJ Live brought a fantastic show? Even perhaps mention the fine cuisine so beautifully provided throughout the evening by James Zimmer? 

NONE of the above. Let’s start with the people. Over the last couple of years we have been utterly privileged to get to know Jordanna’s inspiring, close-knit and loving family. We’ve been fortunate to spend time with them at other family events as well as in their home; to be with this family is to have fun and to tangibly feel the love between them. 

From our first meeting about this phenomenal weekend of events, it was abundantly clear that even though there will be many special touches, this was all about people, about feelings, about celebrating family and friendships, about spirituality and meaning. 

From our Pre Shoots and the pre Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel to the intimate and meaningful Shabbat dinner at home, from the laid back Saturday afternoon which turned into a giant sing-along in the kitchen, all the way through to the jaw dropping party which ended the weekend in style… there was something special in the air. 

So the scene was incredibly set for an epic party, with outrageously creative touches everywhere we looked, but what shone the brightest was the love in the room, and Jordanna herself. This young lady is fun loving, unfailingly polite and considerate, patient and intelligent, and fully appreciative of the deep meaning and ancient traditions of being a Bat Mitzvah. She is a credit to the amazing family she comes from. 

“Blake, I have no words!  These photos are simply sensational capturing the absolute magic of our weekend! You are a genius! A massive THANK YOU!” Ally and Daniel

It was an absolute honour to be involved in the party, alongside Atmotion on the video cameras who we are sure will make a beautiful film of the day.

Some photographers believe they should post ‘only the best 10 shots from any event’, but we want to show the whole story, and our consistent level of attention to detail across portraits, family groups, detail shots and moments. We are proud of what we do, and honoured to be trusted by our clients to capture their most precious moments. This is not ‘event photography’, this is creative storytelling with cameras, and we hope you enjoy it.

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite shots, firstly just a few from the gorgeous Shabbat Dinner, and then the party itself…

Onto The Grove…