Luck of the Irish: Gabs and James at The Grove


BE: “I received a call from Gabs’ mum Jill over a year ago. She explained that for years, Gabs had known she wanted me to photograph her wedding, even before she knew who she’d marry! Gabs’ parents told her that it just wasn’t possible, and that I couldn’t do the date, but they’d organised a meeting with ‘another photographer’ at their home. Unbeknown to Gabs, we had confirmed everything and I was that ‘other photographer’. I arrived at their home, parking down the road not to rouse suspicion, and was filmed walking into the room to see Gabs and James.

Her jaw dropped and there were hugs all round – it was simply the very best and most exciting way to start this journey. It was also one of those moments when I realised that photography and the personal connections it forges, really has the power to make people happy.

Since then, so many messages have flown back and forth to plan the photography, it’s been a pleasure working with Gabs’ brilliant mum Jill on this.

Their wedding was simply amazing, and notable for many reasons one of which was the presence of Chief Rabbi Mirvis who holds both families in the highest esteem. I’m blessed to work with the Chief Rabbi regularly, he somehow always manages to speak in a way that is totally heartfelt, absolutely genuine and uniquely insightful. Beyond this, of course it was a gorgeous and elegant day at The Grove, but more than that, there were hundreds of guests who clearly have such deep love for Gabs and James, and for their wonderful families. It was so clear to see, as the Bride and Groom and their parents went around the room to visit their guests and were greeted with hugs and kisses wherever they went. The rousing rendition of the Irish National Anthem, with print-outs of the words on each table, was also a real highlight.

Clearly Gabs and James, and their entire families, make such a positive contribution to their communities – it was as though every uncle and aunt and every family friend came along to celebrate as if it were their own children getting married, and that speaks volumes about their character. As a couple, they are simply perfect.

On a professional and creative level, it was amazing as always to be alongside a wonderful team pulling the string behind the scenes, including Howard Robbins, Jason Millan, Avenue 10, Zoe Norris, Extreme Production Group, Funky Flowers and the incredible Chazan Jonny Turgel.

What a day, it was such an honour for our team to be there, Mazal Tov Gabs and James. Here are so many of those beautiful moments from an incredible day.”